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Are you feeling the heat during those scorching Texas summers, turning your car into an unbearable oven? Or are icy winds making your daily commute a chilling ordeal? At Ruben’s Auto Repair, we prioritize your comfort while on the road. Located in San Antonio, TX 78238, we’re your trusted car heating and cooling services specialists, dedicated to addressing all your heating and cooling needs, ensuring a comfortable year-round driving experience.

Heating And Cooling Services

Warm Yourself On Your Way with Our Car Heating and Cooling Services

Always make your drive the most luxurious comfort possible. That comfort would be achieved by making sure that the heating and air conditioning system is fully functional in your car. Allow us to explain why taking care of these systems is not just a luxury, but a necessity.

Stay Cool in the Texas Heat

When your car turns into a sauna on hot Texas summer days, it is not only uncomfortable but also demands urgent measures. We have experienced technicians who will help sort out any cooling problems and keep your car in a calm retreat even when things heat up outside.

Bid Farewell to Unpleasant Odors

The stale, musty, damp, or moldy smell coming from the vents of your car is not just an awkward issue but a problem indication. These foul smells will be eliminated by our pros and you’ll feel fresh air in your car.

Efficient Heating for Harsh Weather

Heavily, during adverse weather, rapid heating of cabins is very important for ensuring comfort and safety. We have the top experts to locate and remedy any flaws found in your heating system so that you remain warm to even cold early mornings as well as the whole winter period.

Clear Visibility With Reliable Defrosters

The inability of defrosters makes it difficult to drive at night along highways. Make sure you never neglect the defroster that is meant to help you in bad conditions. Any defroster problem we got you covered!

Consistent Comfort in All Seasons

Our experts can solve such issues as lack of airflow in a car’s heating system or slow warm-up providing you with an opportunity to resume your comfort levels.

Enjoy Fresh Air With Optimal Air Quality

The presence of warm air conditioning or chilly heating air could cause more problems to arise; professionals may need to get involved. We make certain that the air inside your car is ideal ensuring maximum comfort and health during your journey.

Thorough Car Heating and Cooling System Analysis

Rest easy knowing that when you give your car over to Ruben’s Auto Repair for an investigation of its cooling & heating system, you are trusting it to very capable hands. We conduct our rigorous checks to provide the best possible results and complete pleasance. Here’s what our comprehensive analysis entails:

Internal Controls and Blower Examination

We examine all aspects of your Climate control system to offer you smooth operations and a uniform flow of cool or warm air all time round.

Coolant Temperature and System Inspection

We also have our techs checking out the entire cooling system, monitoring coolant temperatures so that no engine overheats and the engine will run smoothly.

Compressor Belt Inspection

The compressor’s belts are also important for engine cooling and we always take good care of them. Replacements are offered professionally if any need arises for durability and reliability.

Identifying Holes and Cracks

Coolant leakage and lowered efficiency can lead to cracks or holes in any of the systems. We painstakingly pinpoint and address them to ensure your car heating and cooling system unit performs optimally.

Cooling System Pressure Test

We run thorough pressure tests on any cooling system to guarantee its full functionality during different weather situations.

Confirming A/C Pressure to Manufacturer Specifications

Your air-conditioning is meticulously observed to function within the manufacturer’s regulations, bringing uniform, reliable cooling for you.

Thermometry of Interior Vent Air

The air that our system delivers into your car vents is regulated and monitored to correspond with your comfort requirements.


Our main intention at Ruben’s Auto Repair is to make certain that whenever you leave with your car, it must always have an efficient heater and air conditioner. With this in mind, we pay attention to all the points so that you can feel maximum convenience and safety on any trip. Get a free system analysis call and quote and taste our dedication to making you happy!

Our Expert Car Heating and Cooling Services

Quality is assured at Ruben’s Auto Repair beyond simple services. We are a group of highly experienced, courteous road guides who are driven by the sole desire to make your journey enjoyable. Here’s a closer look at our comprehensive services:

Fan Belts

Fan belts, however, play a vital role in cooling an engine which also wears off. If you want a new or a replacement belt for the engine, then you certainly make the right choice by trusting us and our supplies!

Coolant System Flush

Adios old, nasty cooler and say goodbye to a dirty engine. For the coolant in your water jacket to move freely, regular flushing of the cooling system is required.


Coolant leaks may be caused by a ruptured or torn hose and damage the engine after some time. We provide exact hose replacements and this assures you that your engine works without problems.

Radiator Flush

Excessive sludge and rust could clog up the radiator and limit its potential effectiveness. The service provides a cleaning routine for your cooling system, removing all clogs and allowing it to operate as designed.

Radiator Services

Let our experts work on your radiator. Having an elaborate service procedure that keeps off excess heat damage which results in longer operating engines.

Prepare for the Seasons: Summerize and Winterize Your Vehicle

Whether you’re gearing up for a scorching Texas summer or preparing for a chilly winter, Ruben’s Auto Repair has you covered every step of the way. Our recommended services include:

Summerize Your Vehicle:

  • Battery Check
  • Fluid Replacement
  • Belt and Hose Inspection
  • Climate and Coolant System Check
  • Wiper Blade Inspection
  • Tire Inspection
  • Lighting System Check


Enjoy a worry-free summer as we prepare your car for hot weather, grime, and chaotic roads.

Winterize Your Vehicle:

  • Battery Inspection
  • Tire Check
  • Wiper Blade Examination
  • Fluid Check
  • Lighting System Inspection
  • Exhaust System Leak Check
  • Belt and Hose Inspection
  • Heating System Evaluation


Get your vehicle ready for winter challenges and ensure safe and comfortable journeys.

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At Ruben’s Auto Repair, we guarantee a smooth ride year-round. Rely on us for all your car heating and cooling services needs in San Antonio, TX. Your comfort is our priority.