North American Warranty: Protection You Can Rely On

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As proud partners with Parts Plus Car Care Center, we bring you the North American Warranty, a guarantee that sets us apart in the heart of San Antonio, TX. When you entrust your vehicle to us, you gain the assurance of the North American Warranty statement. For 36,000 miles or 36 months, you’re shielded from unforeseen repairs on parts and labor.

If you encounter issues with a covered repair, a quick toll-free call to 1-877-252-4609 is all it takes. Our Warranty Administrator will swiftly guide you to a Car Care Center for service. Even if you’re outside our local network, don’t worry. We’ll connect you to one of the 35,000 participating repair facilities. Your expenses for covered repairs? Zero.

We keep it hassle-free and convenient. You’ll be directed back to us if you’re within 25 miles of our original repair shop. It’s our way of ensuring your peace of mind and demonstrating our commitment to superior auto repair services.

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