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With reference to fleet maintenance, Fleet Drive Train matters must be recognized and resolved. Ruben’s Auto Repair, at San Antonio, TX 78238, has a skilled staff ready to pinpoint and effectively deal with these problems. Our mission is to provide comprehensive evaluations and competent recommendations leading to the best output for your fleet. Rely on us to do the hard parts, and you can continue with your business.

Fleet Drive Train

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  • Overview: The clutch is the essential part of the drivetrain. It helps in the transfer of power from the engine to the transmission then to the driven shaft. Therefore, regular maintenance and often replacement are necessary for proper gear changes.
  • Our Services: Ruben’s Auto Repair offers comprehensive clutch services, including routine adjustments and replacements, to ensure your fleet runs smoothly.


  • Functionality: The differential is crucial for your truck’s turning ability since the wheels cover different distances. It is important to ensure the longevity of your car through regular maintenance.
  • Our Expertise: Our fleet drive train and differential services include repair, rebuild, and routine maintenance, all of which are designed to ensure the consistent performance of your fleet on the road.


  • Composition: Driveline includes all components through which power is transferred from the transmission to the wheels, except engine and transmissions, plays a critical role in your Fleet Drive Train configuration. Its configuration differs depend on driving train (RWD, FWD or 4WD).
  • Common Issues: Exposure to various external factors like moisture and heat can make gear oil deteriorate after some time and this may consequently cause inadequate lubrication which ultimately compromises vehicle efficiency.
  • Solutions: Ruben’s Auto Repair team is able to address the difficulties ranging from lubricant replacement to complete part overhauls.


  • Purpose: The transmission is instrumental in modulating the engine’s power output to the wheels. It employs various gears to decrease the engine speed while increasing torque. There are several transmission types, each with unique characteristics and maintenance needs.
  • Wear and Tear: Over time, transmissions can develop issues that significantly impede vehicle performance.
  • Our Services: From repairs and rebuilds to complete replacements, Ruben’s Auto Repair is your trusted partner for all transmission-related needs. Our goal is to keep your fleet running reliably and efficiently.

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