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At Ruben’s Auto Repair, our 24/7 online presence ensures you’re always in the loop. With today’s advanced automotive technology, staying on top of maintenance and repairs is crucial to ensure your vehicle’s longevity and performance.

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Your Vehicle, Your Responsibility

Today’s vehicles are indeed revolutionary, but some principles remain timeless. Be a vigilant car owner to keep your vehicle in top shape.
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Know Your Ride

Before visiting us, empower yourself with knowledge. Understand your vehicle's systems and components and adhere to recommended service schedules. Keeping a log of repairs and services ensures comprehensive care. Make notes of when and how problems occur.
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Your Car, Your Instinct

You're your car's best caretaker. Trust your senses. You know your car's rhythm and quirks. Use your senses to detect strange sounds, smells, leaks, and warning lights.
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Effective Communication

When you visit us, share your findings - describe symptoms, and provide a written list. Let us diagnose the issue and recommend the right solution.
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Stay Engaged

Don't hesitate to ask questions, seek clarity, and understand repair details. We'll provide the expertise you need to make informed decisions.
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No Rush, Just Trust

Avoid suggesting specific repairs; let us prescribe the remedy. We'll keep you in the loop regarding the issue, course of action, and costs.
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Clear Policies

Before you leave, be crystal clear on our policies for labor rates, guarantees, and payment methods.
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Beware of Scams

Car warranty scams are a reality. If you've fallen victim, report it to the FCC or FTC. Contact your car dealer or insurer directly for genuine concerns about your warranty.